art of war + news

I finished the Art of War last night, finally–it’s been a slow week for reading. I spent four days at my parent’s house while the Mr. and I looked for houses (house search=hell) and it wasn’t time particularly well-suited for reading. Actually, looking back, the Art of War might have been useful for dealing with the real-estate agent, a husband with different priorities, and a very full house.

I enjoyed it more than I expected to–I suppose it’s my love of fantasy. Most of it appeared to be common sense [get the high ground, don’t try to set up battle lines in a swamp, make sure you do some spying], but there were some interesting insights. I really enjoyed the edition I had [trans. Thomas Cleary], which included the written commentary, line by line, of eleven different Chinese philosophers/warriors through the years. They seemed like pretty smart dudes, other than the occasional extremely inane comment.

In other news, three interesting articles of the week:

Uncensored Picture of Dorian Gray published. I’ve read the original [or, I suppose, the censored version] several times, and it’s one of my favorites. I’m not sure how I feel about an “uncensored” version. It reminds me of the director’s cut versions of films–usually they cut those scenes out in the theatrical version for a reason.

I love Mark Twain, and Maud Newton quotes a great passage of his this week about, of all things, a childhood biography of Satan. It’s hilarious.

Found a new great quote this week–“We are not human beings but human becomings,” attributed to Ernst Bloch. Thanks go to Ready Steady Book for the quote! Check out the link for more information about the quote and Ernst himself. I just love that phrase–human becomings. It has so much potential.

Have a great weekend! I’m off to perhaps–::gulp::–make an offer on a house!


1 thought on “art of war + news

  1. Sun Tzu is excellent. His advice on war is more of a life philosophy and can be used in any situation which requires strategic thinking.


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