friday links

for those of you, like me, that like lists. I’m going to be keeping track of this blog, that’s for sure.

omg so cute
I’m not going to lie, makes me think there might be a conspiracy going on….who’s really doing the writing?!

For those of you, like me, just starting out with the whole book blog thing: how to write a truly acerbic review.

The dorkiest [and that’s saying a lot] NYTimes correction of all time.

As a bilinguist (although not a professional translator) myself, I’ve been keeping careful track of the recent focus on translation. In line with that, here are the recent winners of Best Translated Book.

Another fun blog to read. Oh, those darn kids.

One reporter’s thoughts on “Why Women Love Fantasy Lit”. Well, duh, the hot warrior/magic/barbarian dudes. Doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out.

For those of us who hate to read ungrammatical reviews: the ethics of correcting grammar.

Finally, for finding the great books that no one else is reading.

Have a great weekend!



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